Bushride compared to Greyhound

Looking to travel Australia with Greyhound buses?

Bushride is a cheaper and more flexible way to travel Australia.

Budget friendly

Trips with Bushride cost half the price of a bus ticket.

Meet new friends

From locals to other travellers, share your trip.

See Australia

Opportunities to stop along the way or take a detour.

Roadtrip vibes

Have a karaoke playlist? Let it loose.

Frequently asked questions

Do greyhound buses still run in Australia?
Yes, Greyhound buses still run in Australia. Greyhound operate the largest coach network in Australia servicing metropolitan and rural areas.
Can you travel Australia by bus?
Yes, you can travel across Australia by bus. It is another option for travel alongside Bushride.
Do you have to pay for the bus in Australia?
Yes, you have to pay to use the bus in Australia. Depending on your bus service, a public transport card or card payment is required.
How do you ride a bus in Australia?
Public transport buses require you to touch on and touch off with your public transport card. Long distance buses require you to purchase a ticket before boarding the bus.

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